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remember the website where they didnt properly format the html so the text just kept getting bigger


this video is 1 second long.  in one minute i could watch it 60 times.  in 2 i could watch it 120.  in an hour i could watch it 3,600 times.  in a year i could watch it 31,536,00.  in a decade - if i spend the next 10 years of my life watching this video - i could watch it 315532800 times.  this is incredible.  this video is my past present and future


when people post badly sourced/unsourced art


  1. Fan: If you could cast anyone, who would you cast as the last horsemen?
  2. John Cho: Idris Elba *pretends to dial him on his phone*
  3. Orlando Jones: *answering his phone* I'M NOT IDRIS ELBA. CORRECT IT IN YOUR PHONE.


As the only female rangers in the PPDC, i think Sasha and Mako might be pretty close each other, despite the fact that they just met each other after they settled in Hong Kong Shatterdome. Sometimes they like to do some ordinary girl activities like make over or simply braid Mako’s hair just like Sasha’s. You see, Sasha has pretty good sense of hair style.

Oh and, bonus:


Sometimes when Aleksis woke up, he found out that his hair already braided this way.